Why do employers drug test?

For years, drug testing has been the practice of many companies and businesses. Employers can require and conduct such tests depending on state laws. One of the misconceptions regarding drug testing is that employers do it due to the lack of trust in the workforce. Drug testing is not just for the company’s protection but also for employees.

There are two types of drug tests – pre-employment and random drug testing. Pre-employment drug tests are used to check if potential employees use drugs. This helps employers screen potential new hires for drug abuse issues prior to them joining the workforce. Many employers have strict drug-free rules, which prevents those who do drugs from getting employment in these workplaces. Random drug tests are announced without notice to current employees of a company or business. The purpose of this type of drug test is to ensure current employees are complying with the workplace’s drug-free rules.

There are many reasons why employers may require employee drug testing, including:

To Identify Employees Who Have Drug Problems 

Employers who require drug tests as part of the pre-employment process eliminate the possibility of employing people who engage in illegal drugs and other substance abuse. Substance abuse problems undeniably affect an employee’s productivity in the workplace. A drug test works both ways. It saves employers from employing individuals who pose a threat due to drug abuse problems. At the same time, employers may also offer help to rehabilitate current employees who are experiencing such issues.

To Protect the Company and Business

Some state and federal laws expressly require establishment owners to maintain drug-free workplaces. Employers establish drug testing to comply with these laws. If an employee is discovered to have caused trouble while conducting business because of the effects of substance abuse, the government may hold the company or business accountable for the employee’s actions if sound drug testing is not in place. In this case, a drug test is a preventive measure for employers to avoid lawsuits.

Drug Testing can also help in establishing a clean and ethical business name and reputation. Companies do not worry about legal damages only. A lawsuit can also taint the image of the company, which can affect business.

To Maintain Safety of Other Employees

Employers owe their employees a safe and healthy work environment. Individuals under the influence of drugs may not be as productive as their counterparts. They may even affect team morale, collaboration, and productivity. Workers who are using illegal substances are detrimental not only to the efficiency of the company but also to the safety of other employees. Alcohol and drug abuse by employees pose a higher risk of danger to the safety of their colleagues.

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