We're on a mission to provide the best drug screening possible while assuring people with confidence in their test

We saw a problem

Drug tests are way too expensive.

Drug tests from pharamcies and physicians can cost up to $50, however, nearly all of them are manufactured for less than five dollar each. So why are they so expensive? The unfortunate answer is becaue they can be. Leading brands capitalize on the vulnerability of consumers who are desperate for answers. We believe that the prices of drug tests should be affordable and client friendly.

And another problem...

Drug tests aren't convenient.

Drug tests from pharmacies and physicians only come in boxes containing one or two tests. When it comes to drug screening, you typically need to take more than two to assure the results are correct, or even continuous testing for yourself, kids, employers, legal cases or even professional sport organizations. It is better to be prepared and aware of your situation prior to the date the tests are due. However, why would you pay more for only 2 tests per box when you can purchase more for a lower price from us. We believe people should get the best bang for their buck while recieving a premium drug test.

and another problem

Drug tests take way too long

Buying drug tests from pharmacies and physicians takes weeks for you to get your results, and some physicians won't even notify you if your results are negative, leaving you clueless. Do you think it is fair for physicians to treat you with no respect when you are paying the premium, and investing a lot of time into a drug screen? Here at Prime Screen, we believe that everyone deserves respect, espcially for their time. We solely priotize our clients time, privacy, and most importantly we treat everyone like family. We offer drug screening with laboratory confirmation results that prioritize your time, and will be there every step of way for your assistance. With our new AI integration, we are able to update you with your tests results via your customer portal.

Prime Screen solves all of those problems

The convenience you deserve

Prime Screen™ offers multiple options for drug tests from singles to bulks containing the best quality for the best price possible. All of our tests are discrete, convenient, and easy to use. We prioritize your time, and will deliver your tests and results in a timely matter. With over 15 million results delivered, and 13 Fortune 500 companies as partners, we solely have the experience, ability, and respect to take care of you and provide you with assurances to test with confidence.